Debbie’s Wedding Toast! 👰 🤵 🥂

Thinking of you my friend in all of the hustle and bustle of seeing friends and family all celebrating your magical day. I hope you take a few moments to slow down and celebrate the journey you’ve taken.

The road has curved around surprise twists and gone up steep hills and down sharp grades.

I’m honored to have been a cheerleader and raising my glass to toast metaphorically during many of the sweet and scenic valleys. While also handing you a tissue and hug 🤗 during the times of sadness and heartbreak as you went by near-cliffs (albeit over the phone). And you’ve done the same for me!!

It’s been such a wonderful journey to have shared many many important details of your life from only four to five years ago! We have been through some of the most transformative times, rocky cliffs, scenic open road in life.

And always with the finish line in end of becoming more of our best selves. The truest statement of all is that there is no end finish line! We just stop and mark the wonderful occasions on the way by pulling over to get out of the car and take in the most majestic view there is!

I send you such love today and take the time to really ENJOY the love of the day! The 💕 Love of those who are cheering you on and celebrate in the best way they can! Either in person or from afar, but all with you two in mind. Reflect on the love you have created with Mike. He adores you and is a gem of a man you have finally mined! Enjoy the treasures! It’s not always a easy grade and gentle slope on this journey, but it’s beautiful!

And, enjoy the ride!

Cheers to you two lovelies!! Happiest of wedding days and a long, expressive, joyous, growing and fabulous partnership!



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