Exhibit 10 – Done is Better than Perfect

Well….here goes!!

The launch of the blog. (Cue dramatic music here!)

Dah. Duh. Dahhhhhh!

This project has taken me a RIDICULOUSLY long time to get going and published! There’s a lot of life that happens when we make a vow to ourselves to complete a project. And in my case it seems that a whole lot of other things got done instead. Some important things like paying the bills to keep the lights on and food to feed oneself. But, other. not so important things like playing cell phone games have taken over the hours too.

I’ve held out a longtime to make this little space on the etherweb look like it had some kind of organization in putting it together. The hope is to make it look simple when it really took a bit of effort to do.

Far. Too. Much. Effort. In fact.

Far. Too. Much time waiting.

Waiting for the the perfect weight before stepping out in a killer dress. Waiting for the perfect person to come along before trying something daring. Waiting for the perfect savings account before taking that trip or leap. Waiting for the perfect moment before you tell someone how you really feel about them. We spend so much time waiting for the right circumstance so we don’t appear to be too sentimental, too vulnerable, too needy or too honest.

We certainly wouldn’t want to be seen as anything awkward, uncool, barely put together or imperfect.

Yet, some of the best moments are not spent pondering how to make the moment or the big splash perfect.

So, here’s to taking the plunge and hitting the PUBLISH button. WIth imperfect grammar, content, words and timing, I vow to leap and not think about the perfectly calculated moment or arrival.

At a most decidedly imperfect time in life, I am out of the box this year to travel, have applied for new blogging opportunities and writing endeavors and will excitedly keep journeying towards the horizon.

What I am sure of is that I have an incredible support system of my husband, family, friends and faith to catch me when I fall!

I am excited, thankful and sometimes scared at what I don’t perfectly control and arrange. Today is indeed another miracle unconvered if we only stop to notice them.


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