Exhibit 9 – Rest Rebirths Me

As cheesy as it sounds, this Casino spa is a Mecca for my soul. It is something that I know can be done with similar results with a picnic basket and afternoon in green park or at the lake. Or with a Mocha latte and my favorite journal and purple pen in hand at one of my coffee stop spots. Ethereal zen can be achieved in my own bathtub 🛀 for that matter! Certainly, sanity could be accessed for a lot cheaper! As peace of mind has no price to attain, nor can value be placed on its worth; this place holds special memories for my soul. It has become a time honored tradition for where I contemplate life’s bigger meaning during big changes. In my small way, it was an act of rebellion to secretly spend an entire day on myself, luxuriating and reflecting.

I take all this relaxation seriously with the precise details like a bride planning her big day. I lounge and linger with all the efforts of a professional businesswoman. Upon checking in promptly at the earliest possible hours at 8 am, I am armed with all the supplies of keeping to keep and unruly class of kids happy, busy and engaged. The Spa “work” goody bag is neatly packed like a kid has on their exciting first day of school. Refueled and ready for the task, I bring multicolored writing utensils, a few inspiring magazines or books, postcards and stationary to reacquaint myself with those I rarely see and some snacks and drinks to keep the cost down. Loaded with extra charging options and headphones, I’m equipped to radiate relaxation! I’m efficiently arranged to spend the “work” day attending to the the procedures and tasks like that of a skilled specialist.

Intentionally sitting down to gather all the strewn out pieces of myself is priceless.

Physically, slowing down with a massage or dip in the many luscious pools allows to quiet the mind. Emotionally, I gather my thoughts, process through events of the day and map out where I’m heading again. This meditation helps quiet my mind, collect my gratitude and express it to the universe.

I spent hours writing the dreams of my future near these pools. Where was I heading in my life? Would I teach for a school year in Mexico? Travel to Spain? How could I pay for this? First, I’d need to get out of debt. How could I do that? Assuredly, spending a lot of money here wasn’t putting me in the right direction.

Yet somehow, the defiant act of sitting down in a beautiful and lavish space, treating myself WELL for an occasional day here and there assisted in the journey.

This spa “work day” practice helped me to appreciate the abundance I already had, uplift my hope and visions for the future and put together a plan for its accomplishment.

Where was my life going? I wanted a partner to do spend my life with. Where could I meet such a person? How do I proceed through the pain of Love lost? What work did I need to do on me?

What did I want to do with my life? How can I pay my bills but still do the life work to fulfill my soul and yet contribute to the world? What gives me meaning? The one thing I knew for sure, it’d have MORE to do with writing and creating some emotional and spiritual beauty with my words.

I thoughtfully still work through the details of those questions. Blessedly, my family and friends help me fill in the blanks of the particular specifications. Yet, here, I have created the habit to become right with the world and myself again.

I just glow when I can do this in such beauty of a sparking blue pool and quiet music. It feels holy and sacred. Undoubtedly, the ocean and pine trees have a similar effect. My soul rests alone in a sweet mist of light and water drops.

abstract aqua blue clean
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I wrote a vision of my future husband here. I wrote my wedding vows and the woes of courtship here.

I’ll write my nerves and dreams of our travels abroad.

As well as the next life challenges and changes here.

I am spectacularly grateful.

Another, Everyday Miracle Uncovered!

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