Exhibit 1 – Welcome to My Heart… The Case for my Memoir

heart coffee

This perfectly illustrates my favorite office in the world in which I could work for the rest of my life! Freeing thoughts from my soul to take flight…

The WHY of Writing

I’ve recently heard moving accounts from authors on podcasts about their creative processes.  It’s inspired me to take action steps in being more of a creator than simply dreaming about the creations I’d like to one day make.  Blogging has been built up in my mind for far longer than it’s needed to.  I celebrate the splash I’m making into this cold pool and with the discomfort of the first moments past me, I realize, I’m swimming!

This blog post is no different to my very essence as is the act of writing in a journal nearly every day for all of my 32 years (Funny note, I wrote this blog 2 years ago and am just now getting around to publishing it. Eek!).  The differences within this new forum are:

  • It’s a new way of expressing myself in a public way that makes me feel accountable in the frequency of completing more entries.
  • It is helping me take a STAND in dedicating myself to this spiritual practice of writing as a DISCIPLINE–Daily!
  • To accept the assignment of writing as a means to be a life’s purpose even if it’s not a critical need.
  • To show up in gratitude and let the muse of creation flow through me in whichever forms it may take on.

A Permission Slip to Write.

For many a moment in life, writing has been my most natural way to process and cope with the world. I’m the dorky kind that writes out a script before a difficult conversation or who gives a hand-written book to someone as a gift showing them my admiration.

I aim to write from the purest motivation to merely create and allow my soul its way to breathe, vibrate, glow and burn most alive.    I acknowledge and DECLARE to the Universe that I AM ENOUGH and have WORTHWHILE things to say to take up space online and in this world.

Writing is the way in which my soul breathes.

Do I really need more reason than this???!!? Somehow, it seems selfish or narcissistic to spend so much time writing and observing the world through my singular point of view.  I acknowledge that my words are no prettier than other’s in the world necessarily. Comically enough, I’ve heard that writers are arrogant and ignorant enough to think that  their work is vital enough to be made.  Whether it’s necessary or essential for humankind to survive… the quick answer is that IT ISN’T.  Another human won’t live or die by whether my words are put into the world.  Yet, because writing is the way in which my soul breathes…there’s life and purpose in it.  There’s enough space, time, creative outlet and audience for my perspective.

The truest purpose in the process is the act of showing up every day to mine the story from my life’s experiences.

To glean the joy from the daily discipline of attending to the natural feelings of completeness I feel when I write.  To lean into that creative whim and embrace life more fully by examining my heart in gritty detail.    It’s an act of vulnerability and commitment to being authentically myself.  As well as appreciating a moment in life being mindful of it’s emotion and lessons to learn.

A beneficial by-product and ego-stroking thought would be to think I could serve humanity in someway by expressing thoughts through my unique set of life experiences.   I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it’s a dream to be a published writer and get to do that as a way to earn my living in life.

It took me a few completed marathons before I declared myself a runner. Running at a slower pace and not winning any major events, I finally shed the worry over claiming that as a self-described title.  Writing feels the same way, but long before I’d see a book jacket with my name on the binding–I’m a writer and have written since I was a little girl.

Acknowledgement Page

As I work toward this heart’s desire, I’ll start with giving gratitude for those who have molded and inspired me up to this point.  I have learned and found my voice echoed from the memoirs and accounts of others that like me did not first seek a public by which to be composed.  These heroes I’ve known only in spirit have contributed to defining and encouraging my voice.

Elizabeth Gilbert – for introducing to me the idea that the thoughts in my journal page could or would be of use to anyone but myself.  The countless times that I screamed aloud in unity at her triumphs, giggled in joy at moments of comedy and wiped tears away from her struggles.  Although our life stories are different, I found a sisterhood and kinship to her voice.  With this woman I’ve never met, the numerous hours I listened to her voice narrating her story has given me confidence and vision to give life to my own story.  She gave language and attention on pages that were first in her journal.  She brought them to life as I see the day to day life events of mine have the same kind of human emotion that all can connect with and relate to.

Brené Brown – I laughed giddily in her stories and pumped my fist in victorious “Yes!!” for the message of her work to call others to be courageous in the owning of our own stories and vulnerabilities.  To be allied  and unembarrassed by them realizing that we are all on this journey and struggle together.  And to be unencumbered by the sometimes limitations of our common humanity.

Rob Bell – He has had a turbulent break from a traditional Christian audience and I feel much the same way in forging my own spiritual path.  I have found solace in his focus on living life fully now knowing that we are supported and loved by a benevolent God.  Our mission in life is to fully cultivate and use our gifts for good in this world.

Real Life heroes…

To be continued…

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